Summer Church Pianist Courses

           We are thrilled to be able to offer two Crown Music Conservatory Church Pianist Courses this summer. These courses are designed to grow the musicians knowledge as a church pianist in the basics of hymn playing and accompaniment. Each course is 7 week course with a 10 student limit. The courses begin on the first Thursday in July. Times and prices are given for each class, and class payment is due on between June 25 and July 1. Register below to secure your spot for this special course!!

Basic Hymn Playing Course

Cost: $300 

Time: Thursday at 7:00 pm

    Students should be able to play from a hymn book what is written as well as understand key signatures and basic chords. We will review this and their importance the first lesson, but having a foreknowledge of them will be very helpful for the student

Week 1: Chords and Basic Theory

Week 2: Beginning Hymn playing 

Week 3: RH role in hymn playing

Week 4: LH role in hymn playing

Week 5: Basic Modulations

Week 6: Formulating a prelude

Week 7: Understanding hymn playing styles in the service 

Accompaniment Course

Cost: $300

Time: Thursday at 10:00 am

    Students should understand basic theory (scales, chords, chord inversions, can play hymns in at least 5 part style with fill-ins, and understand harmonic analysis)

Week 1: Chord substitutions

Week 2: Lead sheet playing

Week 3: Right Hand Patterns / Left Hand patterns

Week 4: Non-chord tones / Fill-ins 

Week 5: Introductions, Interludes, Transitions

Week 6: Modulations

Week 7: Understanding styles